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B&C is the Title Sponsor to the 2019 F18 North American Championships

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B&C Leadership Team B&C Leadership Team

The US F18 Class Association thanks Title Sponsor Catharina Whitehead and her company, B&C Technologies for their years of dedication and support.

Catharina’s son Matthew Whitehead began sailing at the young age of twelve and it didn’t take long for that initial curiosity to turn into a deep passion. While many of his peers were content making mischief with friends, Matthew’s newfound dedication drove him to spend his free time watching experienced sailors, waxing his catamaran and learning as much about the sport as possible.

Since then, Matthew went on to win many of the sport’s national and international accolades at the Formula-18 World Championships, U.S. F18 Nationals, F18 Americas Mixed-Crews, F18 Americas Championships and U.S. Youth National Multihull Championships. Perhaps most astoundingly he won the F18 Youth World Championship title four years in a row.

As thanks to the sport that taught her son dedication, integrity and strength, Catharina has been proud to support the US F18 Class Association for several years running. She hopes that this great sport can instill the same values in other children across the country. Aside from supporting our  Association, she has further contributed to the sport by personally purchasing two F16s for her local Panama City community after the entire fleet of their local club was damaged in Hurricane Michael.

Thank you, Catharina, for your dedication to the F18 Class Association.


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